Most Powerful Addiction Spell


To address dependence in the life. To assist in the addicts recovery.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Purple Sage Agate or
Amythist Agate
Nebula Stone
Petrified Wood
Clear Quartz
Moss Agate
Mook Jasper
Lithium Quartz or
Crisicola or
Gem Silica
Angel Wing lue Anhydrite
or Selenite
1 White
1 Green
Rose or healing oil of choice
Rose (or choice)
White Sage
Doves Blood and quile
Figure 25- Greater Keys of Solomon, First Mars
Figure 26- Greater Keys of Solomon Mars

Casting Directions for ‘Most Powerful Addiction Spell’

This is extremely serious work and extremely taxing. IT SHOULD BE DONE IN A PROTECTIVE CIRCLE. When dealing with addiction you’re coping with the physical, spiritual, and emotional being of the person that is afflicted. It’s an disease.

To cast your circle. Light a white candle at the middle of the area you will be working in. Take salt and do a circle big enough for you to work in in a clock wise direction. I usually start in the South. When finished with your circle call from the 4 Arch Angles Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael to protect you will doing your job. Face South and telephone in Michael to join you. I say the name three times and wait until I feel his presence before calling in the next Angel. Telephone in Uriel facing West, Raphael facing North, and Gabriel facing East. Finish by confronting South again. You’re now ready to start the work.

Charge your Green Candle by employing the healing oil of your choice. I usually begin at the top and work my way down to the middle and then begin again at the bottom and work my way into the centre charging the candle with the intention to cure. Light the candle.

Clean each and every rock with the power of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. I usually run the stone through the light of the White Candle cleansing it by Fire, utilize White Sage Smoke to cleans it by Air, Water to cleans it by Water, and Salt to cleans it by Earth.

You can consecrate each stone with the healing oil you have selected. Holding it in your hand (the one you write with) and focusing on the purpose of each stone will help charge it. I also concentrate on the person I am doing it for. Place each stone in the Green Medicine Bag when completed.

I use the Seals of King Solomon for the purpose of this bag but if you’ve got another healing seal that you prefer it can also be used. You may draw the seals on parchment with Doves Blood Ink. Make the seals small enough to fit in the bag or you may chose to set them on the bag its self.

Wile producing this spell I found some information on Demons that are associated with alcoholism according to King Solomon. Deception is the first named Demon and has a corresponding Angle called Lamechalal that stops its progress. Strife is the next Demon but she is frusterated by Baruchiachel. Klothod is the third Demon but is frusterated by Marmarath. The fourth Demon was not appointed but gave a description and corresponding Angle. ” I cause men to forget their sobriety and moderation. I part them and divide them into parties; for Strife follows me hand in hand. I rend the husband from the sharer of the bed, andB children from parents, and brother.” ” I have an Angle that frusterates me, The Great Balthial.” The fifth Demon is called Power but is fruterated by Asteraoth. The sixth Demon is called Error and is frusterated by Uriel. The seventh Demon is known as Spartan and it makes people worst than they had been to begin with It’s frusterated with a Locust. I got a part of Locust jewelry for this purpose.

I would also include the names of the Angles which fight the Demons on parchment in this bag with a request to each of them to frusterate and cast out the Demons.

I’m doing this work and it’s a LONG PROCESS. The materials are often tough TO FIND but woth it. THE DEMONS WILL SENCE YOU GETTING READY TO CAST THEM OUT SO BE PREPAIRED. I’ve undergone ANGER, DOUBT, all kinds of attacks wile doing this work or preparing to do it. I’ve had people report FEAR because the Demons have been disturbed and know they will soon be cast out. It’s very important that the person you’re preparing this bag for continue to go to what program they are attending. THIS BAG WILL HELP THEM but there has to be effort on their part too.r

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