Manifest spell


This is a fast spell that will assist you achieve your personal goal (by Willow13).

You will need the following items for this spell:

Candle(color assciated with your goal) symbol of goal(as an example, if its for love, a heart) and parchment paper, or other thick paper(both work nicely) pencil with ink either black or the color matched with the candle

Casting Instructions for ‘Manifest spell’

I usually perform this spell in a fulll moon to enhance the possibity of it working but during a new moon can work as well.

Cast the circle, and invoke the elements, and invite your deity, or the one you have chosen for your goal, (if your aim was love, your symbol would be a hub and your goddess could be Hera or Aphrodite).

Light the candle. Hold the symbol of your goal(written on the parchment paper), in both hands and you completing your objective.

Write your entire name on the symbol.if it wont fit, write your name and goal on a different sheet of paper. I wrap the parchment around my emblem or set the emblem on top. Say this:

” Success is mine, [goal] awaits me. As i will it, so shall it be.”
Thank the deity for her/his help. Publish your elements, open the circle. Allow the candle burn down and leave the emblem and your goal in your altar, until your goal is manifested.

This spell brings out or manifests the power from the candle to unlock the goal from inside you, exposing it to the surface, and helping you complete it:-RRB-
It works for me every time.

Iviting Deity:
“[deity], god/dess of,[goal], please join me on this night,to manifest my goal of [goal]. Please give me your power so that I mat recieve what I seek,”

EX: ” Hera,goddess of love, please join me on this night to manifest my objective of finding true love…”

Thanking deity:
“[deity], thank you for joining me tonight to help manifest my goals within myself. Thank you for your help. Stay if you will,go if you must. Farewell and blessed be.”

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