Love Binding Spell


This spell is for the one you desire to become bound to your soul and heart. Please be mindful that this spell is strong, and will require a whole lot of power to reverse.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A candle
Two pins

Casting Instructions for ‘Love Binding Spell’

Stick on the pin but not too much. Once youve stuck the first pin in say: When this candle burns to the trap, the practice of love and desire will begin. Now stick the second pin in the center of the candle, remember not to go to hard so you dont brake the wax. After putting the next pin in, say: When this candle burns to this pin, the process of love and desire will come to a successful completion, and end. Light the candle, and let it burn to the pin. At this time you must picture with your eyes your lover that you would like to be with, picture what you will do together. For instance, you holding hands, you laughing and snuggling together, you kissing passionately, etc.. While you are picturing this, check into the fire as it goes through the first pin and continues, so must you. Look into the fire and say this: The Goddess of the moon, I summon thee. By the light of its rays shine bright. My wish is for my lover never to depart, His will to be bound to mine. Only I have the ability to brake such a bond, Powerful as the Universe and as pure as water really. That is my wish, once the fire strikes the pin it will come true. That is my wish, so mote it be! Allow the candle burn down to snare, and let it fall like the first one. Keep a pin on you, it is going to ensure that it works. Be certain to provide the second pin to your lover.

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