Innocent Attraction Charm


This charm will make the person you throw it upon like you as much as you like him.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Blank Paper
A red pencil (or crayon)

Casting Directions for ‘Innocent Attraction’

Note: you can substitute her if its a girl youre casting the spell to. You’ll need to be in a room with no distractions. You will need concentration, once your mind of all worries, clears. Then close your eyes.

Open your eyes after you are feeling a wave of lightness in your thoughts. Write his name on the piece of blank (no traces at all) paper in red ink. Size of the paper does not matter. Draw hearts around it after you wrote his name. Leave some space to write your name that is full, write it big so that you will be noticed by him.

Until you can shut your hands around it close your eyes, fold the paper. Visualize (or imagine) him, him and you together, doing all the things you desire. Visualize him speaking to you, visualize the first time he talks. Visualize your relationship. Do all that while chanting this, together with the newspaper close to your mouth: O Goddess of Love, Make him see me, Let him be mine, Make him notice me, Then make him love me, O powerful Goddess of Love, That gives people love, Make him see me, Then make him think of me as much as I think of him, Make him notice me, So mote it be.

After that thank the Goddess of Love, you dont have to memorize it. Place the piece of paper with hearts and his name . Do this regularly. It’s essential that nobody besides you sees the piece of paper keep it in a secured, safe area when you’re not currently using it.

Every night fall asleep thinking about him and saying in your head, he’ll dream about me… Thank the Goddess every day and night.

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