Herbal Remedies for Asthma


It is characterized by narrowing the airways that leads to the lungs (which includes the nasal passageways, nose, larynx and mouth) and difficulty in breathing. People who are suffering from allergies and asthma then the inflamed or blocked airways. With a certain lifestyle changes you can treat the symptoms of asthma.

Symptoms and signs of Asthma

The symptoms of asthma can be mild, and the common symptoms are:

  • Chronic coughing, wheezing
  • Tightness or chest pain
  • Shortness of breath during exercise
  • Difficulty in sleeping due to wheezing, coughing and breath

Vitamin E and Vitamin C foods

Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant and it also helps detoxify the body. Consuming vitamin C in its natural form can help reduce inflammation and wheezing. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables in berries and cruciferous veggies. Vitamin E is a great antioxidant

Mustard Oil

If you mix camphor with mustard oil it becomes a potent combination for asthma. Massage this mixture all over the chest till you get proper relief from asthma. You need to warm this oil before massaging it onto your scalp and it will ensure that you get the warmth which can help provide you quick relief.

Eucalyptus Oil

You can keep asthma at bay by taking a few drops of essential oil of asthma in a bowl of boiling water and inhale the vapors. Taking in the vapors of eucalyptus oil it will help open the blocked passages that will facilitate easy breathing.


Figs is the most effective home remedy for asthma. You can soak dried figs in water overnight and consume them first in the morning. You can also drink the residual water of figs. The instant noodles contain monosodium glutamate (MSG) also known as tertiary-butyl hydro quinone (TBHQ)- which is a chemical preservative that is derived from the petroleum industry which enhances the taste and
preserving properties. The intake of the ingredients is also allowed upto a certain limit and if you take it regularly then that could lead to health problems.


Given the various benefits for your body and health, it is surprising that ginger is considered a superfood. It is very effective for asthma. Prepare a potion with the quantities of honey and ginger, pomegranate and then consume it 2-3 times every day. It is one of the best Herbal Remedy for Asthma.


Caffeine helps to treat asthma treatment. It can clear the nasal passages and it will help you to breathe easy. If you are not a coffee fan, then you can even go for black tea. Limit the intake of coffee to 3 cups in a day.

Omega-3 fatty acids

It is used to reduce the inflammation from the body. Other things that it can treat is seasonal affective disorder, depression, heart diseases etc.


You can include onions in your daily diet and your regular menu which will help to treat your asthma. Did you know that red onions are packed with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties? When you combine everything with vitamin C it will work as the greatest natural cure for asthma. Onions also help to stimulate the excretory organs and they are also known as the nature’s very own anti-biotics because of they are an effective remedy for asthma.

Herbal Remedy for Asthma can help treat the problem of asthma and it will not even leave any side effects.

Author Bio: Satnam Singh is a health practitioner in Arogyam Delhi. He is an herbalist and naturopath who is the founder and CEO of 6 Ayurvedic hospitals in Northern India. He leads a team of highly qualified and Ayurvedic doctors.

Wrapping It Up

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