Heart medning spell


This spell will help hopefully fix and heal your broken heart. I know it seems silly using magik to help get over this (btw this is PERSONAL GAIN!!) But if you do go out with the charm believe of all of the great you could potentially do without your aching heart dragging you behind?

You will need the following items for this spell:

-red candle (optional.)
– paper
-new moon

Casting Instructions for ‘Heart medning spell’

First of all youre going to want to be certain that you’re ALOUD to light candles in your house/outside (comfy space) then precede to light the RED CANDLE. If your wondering why the RED candle, well its because a RED CANDLE symbolizes love and harmony. Ive heard. Light the candle. Put on the floor. (MAKE SURE NOTHING IS FLAMMABLE!!!) Then close your eyes and repeat this chant:

Hear my cries, Oh hear my cries. I dont want to be hurting anymore. Gods and Goddesses (mother, father,son, daughter.) please help me. I come in a quest to fix my broken heart. Ive and I dont want to hurt anymore. Im not asking for you to punish the person who hurt me, but rather help me. Please help me, I just want to proceed, move on beyond this drag of a memory that’s dragging me down. Please help. Thank you for listening to my pleads.

Thank the Gods and Goddesses (Mother, Father son daughter, etc.) Then blow the candle out. Recite the spell as many times as you need to. Or just 3 times.

If you have any questions about this spell or anyone of my charms or my fellow covens charms don’t hesitate to contact me @

Amelliat411@gmail.com Or email me @ Elements411 on SOM

Thank you for using this charm. Its inspired me to create more. Thank you and blessed be.

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