Growing in Wisdom


This spell allows you to become more intelligent over time, and bolsters your own efforts.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Pen (Preferably red or black) 1″ * 11″ blank paper strip (just tear it off a piece of computer paper) A written copy of the runes and their titles so you don’t overlook them while your doing the ritual A box or piece of fabric of value to you that you can use to pay the talisman

Casting Directions for ‘Growing in Wisdom’

Bear in mind that this spell isnt easy and it’ll take some time and effort in your part all good magic is like this. First I want you to get familiar with runes. The runes used in this spell are runes in the elder futhark alphabet. You need to know the meaning of every rune you are using in your spell.

Google sunnyway galdr, to find a great web page for rune meanings and the way they look

Youll need to create a bind rune to represent yourself for the spell to work. To perform it, write your initials in runes and compose then combine them into one visually pleasing symbol. I could do it for you in the event that you discover this hopeless and add the picture to my profile.

This spell is anchored in a physical object in this case a strip of paper torn off from looseleaf. Rip off the piece following the pink line which has no wholes in it. Youll also require a pen, a cloth or box that has religious meaning to you and the instructions for the spell in a mobile form.

Before casting the spell meditate for a bit and do some chakra work and collect your supplies. Open a spell circle to make a place for your own magic to come easily and stop your energy from leaking away.

Sit in the circle and write the following symbols in a row seven times on both sides of the paper. While doing this simultaneously think about the function of each rune chant its title and visualize your magical pouring into the runes. Spells of magical doesnt support runic font so Ill give you the names of the runes and you google them.

The runes you will right in order are

Ansuz – the first rune and how the spell starts. This is the rune of communication and wisdom. It starts when you pick up an informative book or what an informative tv program.
It will permit you to become open to and allow you to take enjoyment of knowledge and wisdom.
It only makes sense. The more we learn about the world the more complex beautiful and scary it is.

Your bind rune – after the first rune the spell has an intent but not a subject. Once you write it should feel the magical start to run through you

Hagalaz – it’s a rune of structure and the first rune to specify what happens after the spell starts. It will create success by keeping you on track and helping you keep up your will power

Jera – this rune will let you grow and improve greatly with any effort you put in over time

Dagaz – this rune will allow you to transform yourself in a positive way to have a new day so to speak

Mannaz – this rune causes the result to be a strong and knowledgable mind

Wunjo – the second to last rune and the rune of joy. Ensures that the results of the spell will allow you to be happier and be a positive influence to others

Ingwaz – the last rune which allows the spell to last forever even if the charm is destroyed and prevents any unwanted consequences from the spell

After all of this writing apply your saliva to every rune while considering its purpose. This is the life blood of this rune

Put the charm in your fabric or box and walk around it nine times imagining its energy increasing. You have to walk in a clockwise fashion and speak the objective of the talisman the whole time.

Once thats done pick up the charm and breath on it as if to give it life breath.

Harness it three times to activate it and give it a name related to its function. Once again talk the charms purpose. Say ansuz laguz uruz to make the spell begin.

Fold it like an oragami star but dont pinch the things. Close to the spell circle and keep it on you at all times. I’ve got an example of what your charm should look like in the pictures section of my profile

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