Greatest Mermaid/Merman Spell Ever (Complicated)


This is a spell wishing from the fae (A Kingdom of faeries, mermaid trolls etc.. The majority of the creatures we’re told are fantasy but they’re not)I am quite sure this spell will work, change the words to fit your desires. I got this idea from StarryBright’s Letter to the fae spell. But most of this is my very own. PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF IT WORKS AND WITH SIDE EFFECTS
You can have up to 7 powers, you can swim now if you couldn’t before, you can choose your tail colour, you can change the spell to suit your desires
It has not been tested, but please send me email with your experiances please

You will need the following items for this spell:

Bowl of Any type of Water ( e.g. tap, lake, purified, holy). Belief in the fae/Mermen/the spell A Ring Pentacle Made from paper (cut a point down pentacle from paper)

Casting Instructions for ‘Best Mermaid/Merman Spell Ever (Complex)’

Proceed and fetch a bowl full of water, conceal it, write this on a blue piece of paper, in a blue pencil: Dear Mermen of the realm of the fae. Make me a Merman. Make me a merman with a gold tail. Strong and wondrous Fae. Grant me my heart’s desire to be a merman, with the powers of Hydrokinesis, Pyrokineses, Mind Control, Aerokinesis, Cryokinesis, Control anyone’s fantasies, Shape shifting. With these powers I shall protect the ocean waters, the wonderful forces of Magick, and myself, from injury I will swim in human form with no training. Send me the beauty of a merman. There is a ring in the water, if I wear it I will grow a tail once I touch water, if I don’t use it I will not grow a tail after touching water. So grant me this new life, so I might love the water, instead of hating it, take this letter so I know this spell worked, take the water and leave the ring, thank you so much. From ______________________
Put it next to the bowl of water. Get your ring set it in the bowl of water. Create a pentagram out of paper, and set the bowl and everything else inside it. Read the letter out loud, 5X. Prior to going to bed state: Mermen, mermen of the realm of the fae, give me my golden tail and forces of Hydrokinesis, Pyrokineses , Mind Control, Aerokinesis, Cryokinesis, Control anyone’s dreams, Shape shifting. For 5 nights, then whenever the paper, and water has disappeared, you know it has worked.

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