Get an A Spell


This will grant you the ability to get a%; no side effects have been reported. If there are, please tell me.

You will need the following items for this spell:

TIME OF DAY: The day before the test (it lasts only 24 hours) INRGEDIANTS: Your textbook A strong voice A mind A pencil

Casting Directions for ‘Get an A Spell’

This spell is a bit easy, meditation might be required, but that’s optional. Now please read on.

First off, you MUST study the spell or your textbook can’t get the job done!

After studying, this spell will just make you remember all you’ve just studied. Trust me, no matter how hard you try or look, there’s no shortcut to learn everything. I’ve tried.

Anyways, hold the pencil in your hand. Close your eyes and envision your classroom at which the evaluation is in. Envision NOBODY in there, but you have a paper on your desk saying anything between 90%-100% (any number between people will do, but that won’t be the grade you get probably).

Now open your eyes. Stare at the pen and CONCENTRATE. Now say the following chant:

“With this pen I hold within my hand,
My grade will be juicy, not yet dull.
This spell I excite will induce an A.
If not an A, I am unable to play.
The time is right,
The time is accurate.
Tomorrow at school,
My grade will be like adhesive.
From 90-100,
The spell will last.
Now this is the spell I cast.
With this pen I grant it to thee,
So mote it be,
Mote it be.”

This is as many times as you would like. It will grant you an A on your next test, but this just makes it possible to remember everything you have just studied. If it does not work, please notify me.

ALSO! VERY IMPORTANT!!! You have to use the pencil you’ve only enchanted on the test, or else it will not work!

**I don’t have any time to specify the spell. The time I finished this I needed to go. Sorry; I will get back to it!

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