Four Elements Wish Spell


This is a spell that can be used by novices to make a wish with the components.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Lighter any color candle (symbolizes fire) knife one whole peanut( (symbolizes earth) cup/spray bottle water (signifies water) little piece of chalk

Casting Instructions for ‘Four Elements Wish Spell’


1. Chop up peanut. Set aside.

2. Grind chalk into dust. Set aside.

3. Light the candle


1. Draw in energy from the ground into your body. Let it flow to your mind, heart, and voice.

2. Set your hand/s over the candle and say, ” Fire, fire, hot as the sun. Joyful heat, but deadly fun. I summon you now.”

3. Drop all the peanut pieces into the flames and say, ” Earth, ground, from the grass to a the dove. A poisonous touch, yet tender love. I call upon you today.”

4. Grab the item holding the water and say, ” Water, water, powerful as a wall. Feared by some, but wanted by all. Please come to me today.”

5. Spray or drip water onto the candle until the flame goes out. Let the smoke stay in the air.

6. Put your hand at the smoke and say, ” Air, air, forces participate. Kind to most, yet a swirling rage. Come to me now.”

7. Put your hands together and say,” I request the four components to give me this wish. I will dance like a flame, I’ll swim like a fish. I will grow like the ground, I’ll soar through the sky. Please give this desire to I.”

8. Say the wish. Sprinkle the chalk around you in a circle and say,” This is my will, So Mote It Be!”

9. Thank the elements and walk away.

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