Control Someone’s Emotions and Mind


Take over someones thoughts and feelings easily. But with a price. It works best with a Negative intent.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your Blood. A animal like a Snake, Spider, Scorpion, Centipede. A victim. A knife.

Casting Directions for ‘Control Someone’s Emotions and Mind’

This spell will cost you. You will need to cut yourself with a knife that is clean. Let your blood poor into bowl or any container you have, on the stroke of midnight. Let that pool of blood sit while making your cost, in order for everything to work. Take some of the animals you choose and choose The eyes out from the snake, if you chose the spider take The body without the its head, in the event that you chose the scorpion take off its legs, and if you picked the Centipede take off its front and rear antennas.

Now you, swallow the opinion of the Snake, or the body of the Spider, the legs of the Scorpion, and last it would be that you would swallow the antennas of the Centipede. This may provide you a connection to such animals, or you might transform into a monster. . But the MOST important part. Taking over the person. . You will have to get them to consume the blood of yours raw

Placing it in hot tea is an exception. When they have Finished consuming your wait. You wait until the EXACT following stroke of midnight, and chant Let my soul, DNA mix, and merge with the Animal I have chosen to protect and change my soul. Make me stronger and create anything that has had a taste of my blood to bow against a will they no longer need.

Now wait. The person will begin acting off. Thats good. It means that the blood is surging still inside them shifting their own body, and bending their own wills to feel. You have made them bind to you, gave a religious cost that may protect your soul or change it, and you’re currently a Puppeteer.

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