Cat Blessing


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You will need the following items for this spell:

Gold candle(For the God/dess) A cat figure candle for every cat ( or only a white one) Catnip Toy (homemade is best) Incense/smudge and, of course, your own cat.

Casting Directions for ‘Cat Blessing’

Light the incense/smudge and place the candles in the center of the altar. Cast your circle. Light the golden candle and invoke the Horned God:
‘O Great Horned God, keeper of all things crazy, I invoke thee, and invite thee, into this circle’

Light the cat / white candle and then, holding your kitty, kneel before the altar and recite the following prayer:

‘O Great Horned God,
Father of the woodlands
And loving lord of all animals
That walk crawl, swim and fly
A threefold blessing I humbly ask
Of thee on this special day:
May this cat’s life be a long
Happy and healthy one.
May she/he always receive
Your divine protection.
And when our incarnations
In this world cease to be
May we forever be reunited
In the great Pagan otherworld
Called the Summerland.
Blessed be!

After the blessing has been recited, gaze into the fire of the gold candle and chant three times the name of your kitty with the words “Blessed Be”. End with the burning of a sweet incense like Sweetgrass to please the spirits. You may also cleanse and consecrate a collar for your cat, if you would like him/her cat to wear one, you may add a pentacle also. Kiss your kitty and put him/her down, present your cat using the Catnip toy, you can make one easily by incorporating drip Catnip to an old stocking and tying off. This Catnip offering will create a psychic bond between you and your cat. You may even burn some Catnip and watch how CRAZY your cat gets (good crazy).

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