Attracting a New Friend not a Lover


This spell brings to you a friend as opposed to a lover — someone of like mind who enjoys the same things that you do. It is performed during the phase of the Moon.

You will need the following items for this spell:

3 Brown Candles
Sheet of Paper

Casting Directions for ‘Attracting a New Friend’

Light the candles.
On the sheet of paper, write down theattributes that you want your friend.
Say each one out loud.
Fold the paper.
Light the edge of the paper and repeat the words below :
With mind and heart I Allow this paper be the guide do speak, Bring to me the one I seek and bring this buddy. Isolation and pain be no moredraw a companion to my door. Let not this spell coerce Or make my situation worse. It shall be, as I will.

Let the paper burn out snuff out thecandles.
Use these candles only for the identical type ofspell.
You should meet with with someone with some or all. Remember that this individual has been called by you so you can have the confidence and the time to explore the relationship. Be judgemental about qualities on your new friend that are not ones that you have requested.

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