Attract everyone


This spell appears to draw people, even if only 1 person is specified. The targets drawn, are often obsessed with the practitioner for approximately 2 months and the passion is extreme.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Components needed:
a clear mind and focused goal
1 large (7 day) red candle
2 small votive candles
patchouli incense
rose scented bar soap
about 1 Tablespoon sea salt (best)
Or table salt (okay)
Purified spring, rainwater,
Accumulated dew or tap water

Casting Instructions for ‘Bring everybody’

Timing: Within the 3 days before the full moon, and not after the full moon. Fridays are great, but not necessary. Using the full moon does seem to amplify it, although this will work at any time. This ritual spell is done in three parts and should be implemented in one motion:

Begin Part 1: Prepare describe components and the ritual area. On the red candle, inscribe a name or magickal symbols and runes, or place a photograph of the target beneath it (letters from the person will work as well) Bathe or shower using the rose scented soap. Clarify your head wash away as with any ritual bath, and focus your goal. Reinforce your magickal circle. Be certain you know the entire ritual, go it over in your mind. Know your “lines” or memorize those included here.

On to Part 2: Move to a window or door or outside. Clear your mind and fortify your own personal circle or aura. In your own words, say or believe your goal. In a clean container (non metal or plastic) dissolve the salt in about 2 cups (500 ml) of water. Use cleansing, the consecration, or blessing techniques of your choice to charge the water, or use this one:

Hold the container of water so you can see a reflection. Try to reflect back the moon to you. Take a deep breath. By visualizing a stream of light pouring into the 20, draw the energy of the moon to the water. Take the salt in your projective hand (usually right, or writing hand) and while slowly letting it fall in the water, move your hands clockwise over the surface three times while saying slowly and clearly: (you can replicate each words of electricity group 3X if desired)

Water pure and clean
Protect me
The love I call I will never wean.

Dip your fingertips, wand, or athame into the water and anoint each chakra point, or use your fingers, a bunch of herbs (patchouli is great) or other instrument to sprinkle the water on your own.

Light the two votive candles and say:

Waxing Moon
He/She will be
Morning, day, or night.

Prepare to light the candle
As you state this:

Burning desire,
will not expire,
As I light this flame fire burn!

Part 3: Hold your focused goal in mind the whole time that you are doing this rite, but double your efforts now, hold the lit red candle (both hands or projective hand) and force all you’ve got into it. Don’t allow any uncertainty in at this stage (if ever). When you’ve “spent” your energy projecting it into the candle, then set the candle down (on top of letters or photo if included) and prepare to light the patchouli incense while saying:

Drawing scent,
will not relent,
In calling forth.

Confirm your goal. Allow the candles to burn down (make sure you have a fireproof surface) and close the rite in your own manner or by saying:

So Mote it Be!

If you wish, you may include some variant of it, or the following optional closing:

Let all facet be right and true,
Freewill stays with all this night.
Let this spell not turn on me,
And harm so mote it be!

The red candle should take 3 days to burn down, and by that time, you should have some prospects! Otherwise, go over the 4 checklist questions, and try again. Some witches want to repeat this entire spell prior to the entire moon for the 3 nights. They leave the candle burning, but refocus the goal and the rest of the working.

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