A Spell To See Off A Pet Who Has Died


People who haven’t owned pets will often have a difficult time understanding the sense of loss that comes with losing a beloved pet.

They simply don’t have an understanding of how much love and affection a pet can show.

When the bond is broken and lost, it’s difficult to replace.

If you’ve been affected by a loss such as this, don’t bottle it up and let it get worse.

This spell should help you move on.

Here’s what you’re going to need:

3 x small brown candles
1 x part rosemary essential oil (or water)
1 x item that reminds you of your pet

Step one is to anoint the candles with the rosemary, and then light them. Focus on the flames.

As you focus, remember good times and happy memories you have with your pet.

Now take the memento in both hands, and say some words of thanks and gratitude for all the time your beloved pet gave you.

Speak aloud that now is the time to say your final goodbyes. Watch the candle flames grow.

Don’t snuff the candles, let them burn all the way down. This is why the candles should be small. As the flames grow smaller, see in your mind your own feelings of grief and loss shrinking with them.

When the flames have finally died out, feel confident that your grief and loss has died with them.

Speak your intent for your beloved pet to be at peace and rest.

Now that your grief is gone, don’t let your memories fade with it. Know that you’ll always have those happy memories because our time with our pets is a beautiful time.

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