A Powerful Prima Facie Love Spell


A spell that starts to take power immediately following the casting is finished. The casting is a little complicated but you are still able to perform it. There are 9 steps, 1 measure you must do if you do something wrong (which is simple to do and not mess up), and one step to cancel the spell if you change your mind.

You will need the following items for this spell:

-Writing Tool -Paper that you can recycle (One from a laptop is fine) -Fire (Just in case you mess up a certain measure) -Secure and safe place to hide a note

Casting Instructions for ‘A Strong Prima Facie Love Spell’

1. Take out the paper and your writing instrument. It can be a pen, pencil, colour pencil, whatever that can write on paper.

2. Write a short poem that requires these 3 things,
-Begin with praising the Goddess
-Explain what you want or need very clearly so there is no confusion to the Goddess
-End the poem by thanking the Goddess for her generosity and consideration
You can do it in whatever fashion you feel is most comfortable.

3. Fold the paper in half with the words on the inside.

4. Draw a Triple Goddess signal on the outside of the paper. If you are unaware of how it looks like, Google “Symbol For The Triple Crescent Goddess”

5. Fold the paper in half with the symbol in the interior.

6. Draw a pentacle on the outside of the paper. If you are not aware of how a pentacle looks like, it is a 5 pointed star inside a circle.

7. FLIP the paper over to the blank side and write down your full name and your date of birth.

8. Place the paper in a secure and safe place where no one will touch it (including you) and a place where you won’t lose the note.

9. Once you have proof that your desire is fulfilled, you might touch the paper.

10. If you touch the note with no wish being fulfilled, you have to burn the paper, spread the ashes on the ground, and execute a new spell.

To cancel the spell, you must burn the paper and spread the ash onto the ground.

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