A Covet Candle


Do you know someone who has something you want? This is a spell designed to make them lose it and have it come to you. It is not a love spell to “take” a individual though, this is for objects only.

And it may not operate in a literal sense. If you want their TV, they can lose theirs through theft or damage and then you find yourself with extra money to purchase your own. You don’t always get their item exactly. You get the idea. It depends on the situation.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A dark green candle
Red pepper flakes
Two images
A fire-proof dish

Casting Instructions for ‘A Covet Candle’

You may use photographs or create a drawing yourself. It doesn’t have to be an specific photo of the object. Just a representation.

Put the two images together, face to face, with a sprinkling of red pepper flakes between them. Fold the pages in half, and then again. Make sure the flakes stay within the paper. Repeat the following:

I covet and seek,
To take from the meek.
Bring this to me,
I want it to be.

Visualize the person you would like to take the object out of, and light the paper bundle. Before it burns out completely, use the candle to light. Repeat the words again, focusing on the object

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