Spell to Be a Shape-shifter.


This spell will have the ability to turn you into a shape-shifter. You will be able to turn into any animal (not mythical monsters however, I may make a different version of this spell that allows you to turn into any mythical creature) when you wish to.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your Voice. A candle (any colour). A place that is quiet. (Optional) casting it on a full moon will make it more effective.

Casting Directions for ‘Spell to Be a Shape-shifter.’

1. Mediate for five minutes or more before beginning the spell (the more you meditate, the more it will start to be more effective).
2. Light a candle and put it somewhere and sit back close to it.
3. Look into the flame for a few seconds, imagining you turning into different forms while shrouded in smoke.
4. Chant: 3x “O gods and goddesses hear my plea,
“I wish to be a shape-shifter.
“To fly or run or swim as an animal Once I wish,
“And to come back as a person when I wish,
“I wish, I wish, for this to be.
“Please make me a shapeshifter,
“With the power to become any animal I wish.
“So mote it be.”
5. Close your eyes and imagine yourself turning into smoke and then forming back to yourself when you’re done, let it engulf your senses. Then imagine the same thing but turning into anything creature reveals itself to you. After seeing the animal, open your eyes. If the animal bowed to you when you’re about to leave or tried to communicate or interact with you, it worked if it did not, then it didn’t work.

Don’t worry if this doesn’t work for you on your very first time, try again. Let me know if this worked and farewell ^ ^.

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