Help Love Flourish: A Spell

Many times, we wish for the type of love we see in the movies: quick, intense and everlasting. However, in real life, quick love often fizzles before it really has a chance to take hold. This spell works wonderfully, but you must be patient. Wait until there is a waxing moon and the skies are clear.

The ingredients are:

a flowerpot (unused),
a copper coin.

First, bring the coin outside and lift it to the moon. Flood your mind with thoughts of the person that you care for.

Once that is finished, head back to finish the spell. You need to put the coin inside the flowerpot and cover it with compost. Take the seeds and carefully place them on the surface of the compost, spelling out the first and last initial of the person you are targeting. As the seeds take root, love will flourish as well.

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