Self-Attunement with Air- Binaural Beats- Subconscious Affirmations- Relaxing

Author: Divine Subconscious

I used 7.5 Hz at 150 and 157.5 if anyone was wondering. I make the binaural beat and edited the thing but much credit is due to those that shot the film and took the time to compose such amazing music.

Commands Used:

All doubts are erased from your mind
You are the purest being
You feel the elements flow within you
You greet all elements with unconditional love and understanding
You focus your attention on the element of air
Air welcomes you as you welcome it
You and Air are one
Air grants you its blessings
Air is within you
Air surrounds you
Air flows, you flow
Like a breeze you flow through the Earth
You feel free
You feel the Air
You are Air