Anger Removal Spell That Works


This is a simple and easy mantra which can be recited without the need of setting up a proper ritual. It can be used for you, your friends/family or any other people.

Adding a very simple gesture to this incantation is advisable – grab a stone, and visualize the anger you want removed flowing into the stone. Experience the energy of your anger pulsating into the stone through you.  Throw the stone aside when you feel the transfer of anger from yourself to the stone – it is best if the stone is discarded into a body of water so it can be cleansed. A lake, river or stream will suffice.

After you have done this, say the following lines and rid yourself of your anger:

Great Guardians of the West

Who watch over the sea and the ocean,

Let this anger disperse through space and time,

Make it disappear forever

So mote it be.

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