A Spell Reflecting The Power Of The Moon

According to tradition, it is bad luck to see the moon through glass, and it reverse any magic that is being made. However, when an image of the Lady Moon is cast onto a mirror it weaves magic that may used for attracting money.

You will need the following:

An eight-sided mirror
A gold-colored coin
A drill

On a night when there is a full moon, drill a hole in your coin and place the mirror in a position so that it catches Her image on the glass. Hold up the coin so that the light of the moon shines through the hole in the coin. Watch the gold rays that the coin casts merge with the moon’s silver rays. Focus on that and say the following:

Lady Moon, I ask in this hour,
For money to shower.
I ask for both silver and gold,
Before the moon becomes old
And let this be done, and let it harm no one.

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