A Love Spell For Bakers With Initials

This is not technically a love spell, but rather a means of sending a message to a friend you would like to engage in a romantic relationship with. Considering the case of free will, it is up to the friend to respond. To cast the spell you will require water, flour, yeast, a work surface, a mixing bowl, a loaf tin, a recipe book, and a working oven.

Using the recipe book, find a recipe showing you how to make bread and begin to make the item. Once you have nearly finished kneading the bread dough, it is necessary to carve the person’s initials before giving it one more beating. As the bread rises, sit by the oven and visualize your friend with you and your movement toward a romantic relationship. According to European tradition, when this loaf is shared between the baker and their object of affection a serious romantic relationship is sure to transpire.

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