This charm makes you a vampire. You get to have a special gift for this one. It works in 1 hour.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Night time Alone time Something like a blood package (Package of juice) Jump rope

Casting Instructions for ‘Becca’s Vampire Spell’

First thing you do is you place the jump rope at the ground shaped like a circle and you set in the midst of it and lay the bloodstream package with fluids inside, water, blood, juice, etc. in front of you and then you say this chant three times when its night:

Gods and Goddessess I want to be a vampire with the gift to cause pain with a glance. I wish to be a vampire on this particular night, no longer shall I eat I shall thirst for blood I shall search the world for blood, I live for blood, I will no longer be able to walk in the sunlight I will dwell in darkness I shall not be able to go in the sunlight without my protection ring (say your ring specificaly) on. I shall have pale skin, with blood red eyes Im hungry for blood. My eyes are there normal color when Im not hungry for blood. So Mote It Be.

Thats the spell say it three times when its night and in 1 hour youll be a vampire.
Afterwards youll be able to do the following.
Compel people, run really quickly, crave blood, thirsty for blood, be in a position to cause people pain with a glance, you can walk in the sunlight but only if you’ve got your ring your sun proection on but without it on youll burn in sunlight.
Without the ring on if you are in sunlight without sunlight protection ring on youllburn and turn to dust after 10 minutes after being in sunlight without the ring on.
Oh and after you the chant three times drink the liquid. Throw the bundle away. Then clean everything up. You cant enter a home without being invited in.

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