I made this Some Time ago but am just now posting sorry for the wait hope That It works

You will need the following items for this spell:

A Paper, A Pencil, An Item Related To That Individual, A Charm Related To You.

Casting Instructions for ‘Body Swap Spell 2016 ~My Spell~ Requested By “RHS”‘

What To Do: Write Your Name On A Paper And Their Name On A Different Paper Keep Doing Make Enough You Can Cast A Circle Around You And Your Things Together With The Paper You Wrote Your Name And The Victims Name On Make A Circle And Say Your Spell To Make Evil Proceed Spell:
I conjure thee, O circle of power that thou Best a meeting place of love and joy and truth; a shield all wickedness and evil; a boundary between men and The kingdom of the might ones; a rampart and protection that Shall preserve and contain the power that we will rise within thee.

Write On A Piece Of Paper “Body Swap” And It Put The Item Related To You On One Side And The Item Related To Them On The Other Side Then Say This Spell

Gods and Goddesses grant this plea help me swap bodies with thee, (Your Full Name) And (Victims Full Name) Shall Swap Bodies, When I’m Around Them I Shall Say “Swap Bodies” then we will swap bodies,when I wanna be back in my body I shall say “un-swap bodies” and I’ll be back in my body but it will on work if I have the charm related to me with me so notice it be!!

Side Effects:
Starting to look like the other person
Starting to talk like another person

Hope it works

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