This is a spell for someone who wishes to become Satans Child. You’ll get stronger and more powerfull, I did it. It works, and I get love from Satan daily! He helps me with Everything.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1-3 Candles (The best is In the colour blue, red or black. Lighter Paper (Large to write the prayer) Razor blade or Needle Take a bath Before the ritual (Shows honor) Alone

Casting Instructions for ‘Dedicate yourself to Satan’

This is a serious and a real 100% working ritual, So be careful.
If you want to become Satans Child and get stronger and telepathy with demons and stuff like that, then this really is what you need to do.
1. Write the following prayer:

Before the almighty and ineffable God Satan/Lucifer and in the presence of all Demons of Hell, who are the True and the Original gods, I, (state your full name) renounce all past allegiances. I renounce the false Judeo/Christian god Jehova, I renounce his vile and worthless son Jesus Christ, I renounce his foul, odious, and rotten holy spirit. I proclaim Satan Lucifer as my one and only God. I promise to recognize and honor him in all things, without reservation, desiring in return, his manifold assistance in the successful conclusion of my endeavors.

2. Light the Candle
3. Say the prayer loudly or in your head.
4. Let the paper burn in the Candles fire until the entire paper disapears.
5. Say So mote it be and a significant HAIL SATAN!
Side effects:
1. Satans energy will be felt by you
2. if youre depressed it will go away
3. Stronger
4. Happy
5. Not so emotional
6. Knownledge
7. Protected
( If you have a question then Mail me )

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