This spell doesn’t require you to do much. You may read something off or memorize.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Water Belief

Casting Directions for ‘Simple Mermaid Spell ~My Spell~’

What 2 Do:
Explore the water and imagine
It as picture and a ocean wave
you as mermaid swimming in the water
Say 3x to this spell

Oh dear mermaids
With your strong tails
With your bright eyes
With your long, flowing hair
I call upon you
to change me
To be with you
I wish for a (colour) tail with 3 powers of
(your 3 powers which you choose)
I wish for my eyes to be bright (color)
And for my hair to be long, strong, and healthy
Please make this me
A mermaid
My tail shall appear when water touches me for
More than 10 minutes and eventually become human when dry
This mermaid wish shall continue (forever/your time)
I can tell my secret to (only people I trust/everyone/no one)
Oh dear mermaids
Please listen to me
Make me a mermaid
In 5 days
So mote it be

For the longevity, you can either place forever
or a time that you want it
To continue like 5 years, 1 decade, etc

For the 3 powers, just pick whatever power you want
Can be any electricity, your choice

Yes I put 5 days, spells like these needs time to work

Side effects:
Itchy/aching/scaly/tingling legs
Legs shifting to the color you select
mermaid visions
eyes aching
Wanting to drink or be about water
temptations to sing
legs crossing together or sticking together
Hair becoming for hair and healthy growth

If you experience some side effects other than these then comment

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