There’s nobody method to seeing auras, the method given below is my personal way.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Seeing Auras’

First of all, just what is an aura? Its an electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things.
They can be viewed as well as felt, or sensed.
Auras can show a persons emotional wellbeing as well as physical condition.
Theres no one method to seeing auras, the method given below is my personal way.
First theres the background.
Some sources say that when reading an aura its best to have a very dark black or red
background, others say to a white one. Ive tried both and found that for me darker is much
easier. Next, the aura is generally strongest around a persons head, but it you dont have
Another individual to attempt this with, your own had will work fine.
Select a point just beyond your hand and let your eye unfocused (its very similar to the way you
See a magic eye picture for those who know what that is). Eventually a white
Band will come in to view. This is the first layer of the air. Youre able to view the
White ring, fix your gaze a little ways beyond it. Finally a coloured(s) band will
come into view. Note, this stage is much harder to see, following a ton of practice I still
Cant see it every time. Each colour has a meaning which is posted below.
RED: Energy, strength, courage
DEEP RED: Sensuality
CRIMSON: Loyalty
PINK: optimism, Cheerfulness
ROSE: Self love
ORANGE: Joy, vitality, balance of psychological physical
YELLOW: Wisdom, creativity
GREEN: growth, Ingenuity, compassion
PALE GREEN: Healing power
GRAYISH GREEN: envy, Pessimism
BLUE: Spiritual, idealistic, imaginative, intellectual
GRAYISH BLUE: Melancholy
ICE BLUE: Intellectual
PURPLE: Spiritual power

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